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Riverside 25w amp head

Reminiscent of the 1959 original 5F6A, the Riverside 25w is an improved circuit capable of delivering the cleanest clean tones but also, the dirtiest overdrives when pushed hard.


Designed to be portable, simple and versatile, the Riverside 25w has been built with the highest quality components wired by hand, with love and care. Strong, resilient and ready for the road. You could literally set it on fire, and it would still work as if nothing happened (disclaimer: do not set anything on fire, including this amp).


Its "vintage radiolike" design makes it appealing in the studio, at home and on tour.

Riverside 25w amp head

  • - 25w amp head

    - Speaker connectors: 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm & 16 Ohm

    - DI Out

    - 2 channels: Normal & Bright

    - 2 independent gain controls

    - 2 x 6L6 (Sovtek)

    - 3 x CV4004/ECC83/12AX7 (Mullard)

    - Master volume, bass, mids, treble & presence controls

    - Pentode/Triode selector

    - Weight: 9,5 Kg

  • - Full payment is required upon checkout (once you receive the invoice by email).

    - Lack of payments or communication after 72h from the sending of the invoice by email results in an abandoned order and we are not responsible for ANY refund/reimbursement.

    - All data you provide on this website is confidential and will be treated according to Data Protection Laws.

    - I want to return an Amp or Effect because I'm not happy with it: All sales are final, including custom built orders AND inventory orders. We work our hardest to make our product the best it can be and will work to address any issues that may arise. We do NOT issue refunds for things like "I wish it was more sparkly sounding" or "it's just not quite what I thought it would be". We reserve the right to take returns for massive manufacturing defects. Any return can be subject to a 15% restocking fee depending on return condition and payment within 30 days of return.

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